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Get creative and enjoy the wonders of fermentation!

People often struggle with understanding how to make kimchi at home or where to source the traditional spices and ingredients.

We have tried and tested our method to give you great results at home with ease.

Fermented food creation at home can be fun and rewarding as well as giving amazing health benefits and also an incredible boost the immune system.

This kit contains ingredients to make 2 of our best selling Kimchi's..Our Kickin' Kimchi and our Pink Kimchi

We have made an easy to follow video tutorial to guide you trouhg the process.

All you will need are a few fresh ingredients and your ready to make 1.5kg's of delicious Kimchi! Equivalent to 6 of our jars!


Kit includes:


Kilner fermentation jar


Korean gochujang pepper paste 


Korean gochugaru chilli


Thai spice paste 


Thai spice powder


Atlantic uniodized sea salt


Link to video tutorial


Instuction card


Probiotic information poster


Useful tips & tricks




Gift notes can be included if required


Here at Proper Probiotics we believe everybody should have an easy, delicious and verastile way to cultivate a wider fauna of healty bacteria in our gut and throug this improve every aspect of our lives.


We take traditional knowladge of fermented foods and give it a modern twist through exciting flavour combinations. With carefully selected natural ingredients we provide beautiful bacteria for your belly!





Make your own Kimchi kit!

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