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Here is the list of changes and improvements from the last released version: * The exception handling function in the print/draw commands has been improved. * Class: RectangleZ is available as default option for Revit size * Class: Reference has been added as an example. * Class: BuildingGroup * Class: Layer is available with default option. * Class: Surface has been added with default option and the special curves added. * Class: UnknownElement is used to avoid problems during import. * New command: archicad_get_environment for reading the parameter values in the.ini file. * New function: archicad_set_environment for setting the parameter values in the.ini file. * New function: archicad_get_environment_changed for determining if the parameter values in the.ini file were changed. * New command: archicad_get_skin. * New command: archicad_save_file. * New function: archicad_add_files. * New function: archicad_get_files. * New function: archicad_is_file_changed. * New function: archicad_get_stamp. * New function: archicad_set_stamp. * New command: archicad_set_skin. * New command: archicad_set_skin_name. * New command: archicad_get_skin_name. * New function: archicad_get_skin_path. * New function: archicad_get_skin_path_locked. * New function: archicad_set_skin_path. * New function: archicad_set_skin_path_locked. * New function: archicad_set_skin_locked. * New function: archicad_remove_skin. * New function: archicad_get_skin. * New function: archicad_get_skin_changed. * New command: archicad_update_skin. * New function: archicad_is_skin_changed. * New function: archicad_update_skin_name. * New function: archicad_set_skin_name. * New function: archicad_set_skin_



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Archisuite 17 Cracked
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